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I’m Back!! (: March 27, 2010

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YESSS!!! My crazy week is over!!  I turned in both projects and they looked great! (:  I can finally start blogging regularly again.


Busy Week Coming Up!! March 22, 2010

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OMG! I have so much homework and reading to do this week!  I have to finish a 600 page book by Wednesday and I have to turn in two projects on Friday.  I don’t think I will be blogging too much this week since I have such a busy schedule!

But on a good note, I’m taking all honors classes and one AP class next year!  I know I’m going to have to work really hard, but I think I will be able to do it!  Well, that’s all for now, be back next week! (:

Yours Truly,

Cheyenne ❤


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!! :) March 17, 2010

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OMG! WHY IS IT SO HOT?! I had a feeling that it would be hot again so I decided to wear shorts, a flowy shirt, and gladiator sandals to school to day. 🙂  I was cool and not sweating, unlike some people that were wearing jeans and a sweatshirt.  I was complimented so many times on how cute my outfit was (:  Do you guys think it’s cute?


My first blog! (:

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Well hello there!  This is my first blog, so I don’t really know how to things work on here..but I’m going to try my hardest. 😀

I’m really excited for my great great grandmother’s 90th birthday this Saturday!  I think it’s going to be really fun.  And best of all, I get to hang out with all my family!!  Instead of having just a plain party, we are having a theme for it — it’s going to be a luau. So everyone is going to be dressed in their tropical gear and it’s going to be so fun!  I promise I will post pics by the end of the weekend — well my mommie’s pics of course (:

As for school, I have a HUGE project that is due next Friday!!!  My stupid English teacher decided to be super mean to us, and expects us to read a 400 page book and on top of that, do a project/book report!  She says that we need to improve our time management skills.  But oh well…I guess I will just have to get through it and try my hardest to get it done.  But other than that, school is going really well!!  We get to choose our classes at the end of the month, and I am really excited for that!  I’m hoping to take honors and AP classes that will benefit me in the future.  My mommie always taught me that education is the key to success!  Next year, I am hoping to join a lot of clubs too.  If I’m involved in a lot of clubs at school, hopefully it will make my record look good for college!

Well I think this is good enough for my first blog.  I am going to try and write new blogs once a day!  That can be my New Year’s Resolution — even though it’s already March. (:

Yours truly,

Cheyenne ❤